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Delicious » Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebration

Posted on November 15th, 2007 by Cody.
Categories: Exquisite Eats.

This next set is from November 8th, my 24th birthday! Coincidentally, this day was also Deepavali, the Indian New Year. It felt like everyone was celebrating for me. I’d have to say it was one of the best I’ve had yet. Unfortunately for me, I forgot to charge my camera, so everything had to be taken from my cell phone. Good thing I had one. I woke up and walked outside and I had to take the pic below. His face was just so… crazy looking! I mean, wtf!

Crazy Indian Guy

Anyway, I met up with Siti’s parents and we went out to breakfast at this Muslim center where there is all sorts of halal food. We had this bean dish with egg and bread and a drink called Te Tarik. It was superb! After we were done walking around a bit and doing some shopping, we drove out to their house and had some more snacks. The green leaves are palm leaves wrapped up with fish inside. We also had some fried bananas. The panda ad was too hilarious to not snap a picture of it.

After we hung out for a while, we went over to her neighbor’s house where they were having a Deepavali party. Everything I ate there was so good. Her neighbor also sung me a happy birthday song in Hindi. He said he wished that I would like until I was 1,000 years old! Too cool, but I think I’d be a wrinkled mess by that age. I sampled everything they had, and finished off with some ginger tea with milk. It was spicy, but good. Homemade cookies from Siti finished off the lunch of the day.

Birthday Breakfast Birthday Snacks Fish Wrapped In Palm Leaves Fried Bananas Panda Survival Shop.. Too Funny! Indian Snacks Indian Food Indian Food Indian Food Plate Ginger Tea with Milk Kayos Cookies

We drove around some more and went shopping for a bit afterwards. Check out some of the pics below of what I saw:

Elevator Roof T-Shirt Shoe Store… this is for you, Kristo Shoe Store… this is for you, Kristo Kayos Piece “Decode”

After that we went to Swenson’s at the Airport for dinner. It was quite Americanized food. The flag was sort of an ongoing joke, but the place wasn’t too bad at all.

Swenson’s Cheese Sticks Swenson’s Cup O’ Fries Minute Maid Limeade Main Course Beef Basket? Swenson’s Mint Ice Cream Swenson’s Birthday Cake

Check out what Deepavali is like in Little India on my next post. Pretty crazy!

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Comment on November 15th, 2007.

That’s special :0)
Im glad you had such a nice birthday. Wish I could’ve spent it with you.

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