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Delicious » Shopping, Food, Graffiti and Lizards…

Shopping, Food, Graffiti and Lizards…

Posted on November 7th, 2007 by Cody.
Categories: Sights in Singapore.

Shopping and food seem to be becoming constant themes around here! These pictures are all from November 6th. I woke up and met Siti and her boyfriend and we went to the food center down the street from my hotel. We had some delicious drinks called Teh Tarik which is tea, sugar and milk, then went to another place called ZamZam and ordered chicken and mutton briyani and chicken murtabak.

I’m already stuffed, but we keep eating! I got a guava drink to help digest some, then we saw more sights in the city. There is very interesting architecture here, and most of it is very unique. We got some more cool drinks and some soy bean ice cream from Mr. Bean. Tastes like vanilla only more creamy. We hit up another shopping mall at Beach Road, but it was outdoor (with a roof), and there was a lot of great deals on merchandise like clothes and shoes and backpacks. I got some shirts there and a lemon sugar cane drink.

After that, we went to the Esplanade Building which is shaped like a durian and I got a nice view of the skyline from the river. The skate park at Somerset Park was next, and there was a ton of wack graffiti there, but not all of it was bad. I got pictures of the murals that were cool. Interestingly enough, this was the first graffiti I saw in Singapore. The city itself is devoid of graf and most trash (bins are everywhere).

We left the park and walked to Orchard Road to watch the Subaru Challenge where there was only 6 people out of 400 competing after over 3 days. Basically, you have to keep your hand on a car for longer than anyone else. You can only keep your hand and nothing else on it. Your body cannot touch the car, or anything above your wrist. Bathroom (or food, or water) breaks are permitted for 5 minutes every 6 hours. If one finger lifts off the car, you are disqualified. The winner (one male, and one female) gets a car and the last one standing gets $10,000 SGD in accessories! Not a bad gig, but what an ordeal to endure!

We were still hungry after all the walking, so we headed over to Far East Plaza and went to Anatolia Turkish Restaurant and I got a chicken pancake “set” and lentil soup. Yum! We went to a book store in Wheelock Place and I snapped a pic of the building. We took the bus back to Little India and Siti noticed a lizard on the wall, so I grabbed him and took a pic. I think he was cool looking (he looked like a gecko of sorts), but apparently catching lizards here is quite strange. One of Siti’s friends asked me today if I thought that Singaporean cockroaches were cute too. I guess they don’t like them much here!

That’s all for today. I have some more pics coming, but updating this blog is taking all day, so I’m going to go out and meet some friends.

Chendol Drink and Teh Tarik… My Favorite! Egg Prata Briyani and Chicken Murtabak Indian Food Guava Drink The Concourse Building: Upper View The Concourse Building: Lower View Grass Power Drink Mr. Bean Soya Ice Cream Lemon Sugar Cane Drink in a Bag! Singapore Skyline Skate Park Graffiti Wall Skate Park Mega Man Graffiti Wall Skate Park Mega Man Zero Graffiti Wall Skate Park Graffiti Wall Skate Park Graffiti Wall by P Sirius Skate Park Graffiti Wall Skate Park Graffiti Wall Skate Park Graffiti Ground Mural Subaru Challenge Girl Subaru Challenge Kevin Anatolia Restaurant Chicken Pancake Set with Lentil Soup Anatolia Restaurant Sign Wheelock Place Building Tekka Hotel Lizard Tekka Hotel Lizard



Comment on November 7th, 2007.

Did you name the lizard???? It’s so cute, babe!


Comment on November 7th, 2007.

Cody, How about some pictures of your friends! Great job with the postings & video clips.


Comment on November 8th, 2007.

yeah i heard they’re really strict about litter over there. that thing with the car is freakin nuts.

so how’s chinese food over there and how does it differ from here in america?


Comment on November 8th, 2007.


Have Birthday from all of us! Papa & Nan say Hi!


Comment on November 14th, 2007.

Wow!!! That grafitti looks amazing!!! Great shot of the city… actually looks very peaceful from that angle, kind of an oxy-moron for a city…..’peaceful & city’ in the same sentence, hmmm……

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